Fashion around the world.

Hi readers!! Today’s is special post, because I want to know your opinion about this new thing I want to try on the blog called: Fashion around the World.

Yesterday I was reading an article about multicultural diversity, which is a really interesting topic for me. This article had me thinking all the night… I was thinking about the different ways people tend to express their culture, and also thought about the previous post “Perú + Mario Testino” in which fashion found the perfect way to express Peruan culture.

So then, an idea came to me: a new category on the blog, in which I am going to feature a special post about a fashion blogger or a fashion designer from a different country every month, in order to promote diversity in the fashion world.

I thought, since this is a fashion blog, I could try to promote this cultural diversity thing, through the different style every fashion blogger around the world has. So I would love to do this research and find out a little bit more about fashion in different countries, anyway if anyone of you want to be featured in this category or have any suggestion about a designer or fashion blogger you want to be featured, just let me know here or mail at

What do you guys think?