DIY dress

Good afternoon readers, today is Le Styliste’s first do-it-yourself post, yesterday I was looking at some dresses at pinterest and I found an amazing one, a splattered white and black dress (perfect for the black&white trend) and, than I clicked at the image and I found out that it was a a DIY dress, I couldn’t helped it and, I searched for the page that had the intructions of this project. The page is Dare to DIY, I already read some other posts of this blog and they are great, you should definitely check them out, it has become one of the “my fav blogs” list.

If you like the dress, below and you are brave enough to try to do it youtself, here’s the link to see the instructions, so if anyone is willing to share it with Le Styliste, I could definitely make a special post about the results of this project.

Have a great day, and don’t be afraid to try new things, this dress is completely gorgeous!

Via Dare to DIY