Earth + fashion

Since today is the international Earth Day, I decided to make a post about how fashion and the earth can get along well.

As most of us know, Earth is constantly damaged because of men’s activities, necessities and so on. So that’s why nowadays many business need to be concerned about not only about men’s necessities but environment’s too, since we live from it, and fashion has accepted the challenge.

I really think this is the perfect day to tell you a little bit more about eco friendly fashion, but which are the ways fashion can really impact on sustainable development?

Some of the most important contributions, fashion industry can make are:

  • Encouraging designers to be aware of their production processes.
  • Focusing attention on the materials used on their collections, for example recyclables ones, not using authentic fur nor leather.
  • Promote sustainable fashion and create awareness on their markets.
  • Consider the eco friendly change not as a trend, but as a cultural transformation of their clients.

Actually in honor to the Earth day the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) launched a Sustainability Committee, in order to impact fashion industry and encourage new designers to adopt sustainable development.

“I hope we can encourage our designers to embrace our mission. Every step forward we make together will ensure proactive, collective challenge” – Melissa Joy Manning.

I believe designers play such an important role, because they are the ones that can educate their customers to consume eco friendly products.

So, we can see that caring about our planet is not a difficult thing for any one, not even for fashion, we can still purchase quality, stylish and beautiful pieces without having to harm our planet, I mean how many of us knew about the existence of The Centre for Sustainable Fashion? Exactly, I bet many of us didn’t know, that’s my point, let’s make this eco friendly change a matter of a constant conduct not a matter of just one day.

Finally I would like to share with you, an old but really original and shocking photo shoot from Steven Meisel, called Water and Oil, which definitely impacted me, when I first saw it, this photo shoot was inspired by an oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, but the whole ideas of it was to create awareness of the constant damages our planet suffers.

Happy Earth day!



Via Vogue Italy