NOOK Mexico, a total success.

Hello readers!!! Good news for today: the NOOK MX post is finally here, after 1 week from the release of this event.

I would like to start this post by saying how sad I was because I was not able to attend this one of a kind event, I can’t believe I missed that wonderful opportunity, let me tell you a little bit about this story.

I first received a message on twitter asking if I was interested on the event, and of course that in the minute I saw the message I answered YES! And then I got the confirmation about he invitation to the event and I was so excited, I was already thinking about which clothes I would wear (typical)! But then I got news from my college to notify me about a previous event I was enrolled since last term, and both events were i n the same day!!!!! I was like, seriously? So even though I tried so hard to change the date of the event I enrolled first, I couldn’t, so I had no choice but to miss NOOK MX. You have no idea how sad I was, but anyway, when I saw the photos and the videos from the runways I was thrilled, the event was a total success!

Let me tell you a little bit more about this event… as I already told you in previous post NOOK MX is “The most exclusive fashion experience in Mexico” and this year was not the exception! NOOK MX’s main objective is to boost Mexican fashion talent in one night! so this past march 20 (2nd edition of NOOK MX) all of this Mexican talent gathered in the Netzahualcoyotl font at Bosque de Chapultepec in Mexico D.F

In this event the Autumn/Winter collections of three major Mexican fashion designers: Kris Goyri, Andres Jimenez and my favorite one Rolando Santana were shown to important Mexican personalities.

  1. The first runway was from Kris Goyri with a collection inspired by the abstract and lineal theory from Kansinsky, using colors such as black, white and silver, covered with metallic embroidery details.
  2. The second collection was from Andres Jimenez, who’s signature is known as Mancandy, this designer was able to express his industrial revolution through his collection.
  3. And last but not least: my favorite one Rolando Santana, his collection was inspired by John Chamberlain, using colors such as navy blue and eggplant.

“NOOK MEXICO makes fashion a unique experience to impulse Mexican talent in magical places of the country, promoting with a high expectation the national and international fashion business.”

Here are the pictures of the runways:


ImageImageImageImageDesfile otoño invierno 2013 NOOK Mexico Kris Goyri Mancandy Rolando Santana

Here are the pictures of some assistants :

Segunda edicion Nook Mexico kris goyri mancandy rolando santana

Kelly Talamas and Andres JimenezSegunda edicion Nook Mexico kris goyri mancandy rolando santanaKelly TalamasSegunda edicion Nook Mexico kris goyri mancandy rolando santanaLorena Saravia



Special Thanks to Karen A. PR of the event, who provided me with the press kit of NOOK MX and was really nice :).

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