Street style picks from 2012

Hello readers we are back again!! 🙂 I’m so happy to write again in the blog, it’s been a while and I just wanted to post..  I’m sorry I didn’t post in the blog for a few days, but you know Christmas, family, dinner, friends, etc. there was a lot going on but I’m finally here I really enjoyed my vacations and I really hope you guys have spent your vacations real great with all of your loved ones! I can’t believe it’s already 2013 time goes by so fast! there is nothing to do about it, that’s why we should be really thankful for everything and enjoy every moment!, I’m sorry I’m giving you my best wishes until now, but I really hope this new year can bring you much more joy to your lives, health, love and union with all of your loved ones, work, happiness, motivation and blessings!

Sincerely, Le Styliste!

Back to the post: I’m sharing with you this be-lated compilation of the best photos from 2012 street style from Tommy Ton’s galleries!

Via Tommy Ton-