Patricia Bonaldi

Good morning readers! today I decided to woke up early, take a shower, breakfast and post in my blog of course! what a better way to start my day, well today’s post will be about a new designer I can’t believe I just found out!: Patricia Bonaldi.

So let me tell you a little bit more about Patricia Bonaldi, well this amazing brazilian designer started her brand focusing on wedding dresses and haute couture gowns (which are beyond lovely), but what’s so speacial about her pieces, well most of the dresses are very meticulously adorned with pearls, embroidered gore insets and shiny pieces.
Check out the photos from the Spring 2013 campaign, I believe you are going to love them. The dresses are amazing they are so well adorned, glamorous and exquisite, I just want to buy the entire collection, I swear!
For more information check out her official page:
And also LIKE her Facebook page:

Have a great weekend, au revoir!