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Hello le styliste readers today I’m opening this Top Designers category with the incomparable and famous Coco Chanel, I could not imagine fashion world without her, I mean you can’t talk about fashion without naming this extraordinary designer, she’s definitely one of my top favorite designers of all times, she’s a classic! (doubtless!)

About Coco Chanel’s life:

Her complete name was Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, was born August 19, 1883 in Saumur France. She’s one of the top fashion designers in the world and is the founder of Chanel iconic brand.

She became a style icon, and created the musts of every woman in which we include: the little black dress, pearls, hats and suits.

One of the toughest moments for her was her mother’s death when she was just 12 years old, after that she was put in an orphanage sent to the Correze to the convent of Aubazine, but she left it when she was 18 years old and decided to live in a boarding house set aside for Catholic girls in Moulins town.

But how does her nickname came up? It turns out that Coco came from her brief career as a singer, and supposedly comes from one of the songs she used to sing which was kind of a short version of cocotte.

At her 20 years old, her life changed entirely when she met wealthy textile heir Étienne Balsan, later on she converted in the new Balsan’s mistress, then for a few next years she lived with him in the chateau Royallieu, where she acquired a new lifestyle, here’s when she started designing hats, but finally left him when she decided to change him for Arthur Boy Chapel an even wealthier man.

Chanel iconic  timeline:

–       Her first shop was located on Paris’s Rue Cambon in 1910 where she sell hats.

–       She later opened other stores where she began to sell clothes. Her clothing success came up from dress (an old jersey modified by her) “My fortune is built on that old jersey that I’d put on because it was cold in Deauville,” she once told author Paul Morand.

–       In the later 20’s she launched her first perfume Chanel No. 5 that has been successful since then, and in these years she also launched the classic little black dress (classic from Chanel).

–       On 1925 she introduced the Chanel suit with collarless jacket and well-fitted skirt, looking for a comfort, practical, simple and elegant concept.

One of the most outstanding things in her personal life, were her relationships, but mostly that she never got married. She dated: Arthur “Boy” Capel, Igor Stravinsky and the second Duke of Westminster Hugh “Bendor” Grosvenor. When she dated duke of Westminster and he proposed her she reportedly said:  “There have been several Duchesses of Westminster—but there is only one Chanel!” (if is true she’s my heroine!)

Chanel on crisis

The economic depression on the most remarkable moment of economic history also had a negative impact on Chanel’s business, so that the crisis led her to the closure of her business; she then got involved as a German military officer, but after the war ended Chanel left Paris and went to Switzerland (in kind of exile). But she finally came back to Paris at age 70 and within a triumphant return to fashion world.


Regrettably her life came to end on January 10, 1971 when she was at her apartment in the hotel Ritz (at 87 years old). After a decade of her death German designer, Karl Lagerfeld continued the legacy of Chanel, which in my personal opinion he’s done a remarkable job, no one could have done it better.

As we can see Coco’s legacy I so much more than just a fashion label it goes beyond that, she created so many iconic things that have marked woman’s lifestyle. I really consider her as a role model, she was such a determined person with a unique fashion taste; and I’m happy to see that her legacy continues enriching women lives, and its label is constantly aiming to give women stylish, classic and elegant pieces within its collections every season.

I really think she would be very proud if she could see what Chanel is now, I mean is such a big fashion enterprise, it has grew a lot, nowadays Chanel offers shoes, watches, jewelry, woman and man clothes, fragrances, make up, sunglasses, etc.

I’m just in love with Chanel.

Movies inspired on her:

–       Chanel Solitaire (1981) starring Marie-France Pisier.

–       Coco Chanel (2008) starring MacLaine.

–       Coco avant Chanel (Coco before Chanel)  (2009) starring Audrey Tautou.

–        Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky, starring Anna Mouglalis and Mads Mikkelsen.

Books inspired on her:

– Coco Chanel: An intimate life by Lisa Chaney.

– Coco Chanel: The legend and the life by Justin Picardie.

– The Gospel according to Coco Chanel: life lessons from the world’s most elegant woman by Karen Karbo.

– Chanel and her world by Edmonde Charles Roux.

– Sleeping with the enemy: Coco Chanel’s secret war by Hal Vaughan.

– Coco Chanel: biograogy if the world’s most elegant woman by Laura Murciello.

– Intimate Chanel by Isabelle Fiemeyer, Francis Hammond and Gabrielle Palasse-Labrunie.

– Chanel: her style and her life by Janet Wallach.

– Mademoiselle Coco Chanel summer 1962 by Karl Lagerfeld and Douglas Kirkland.

– Coco Chanel by Axel Madsen.


Here are my favorite quotes:

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

“In order to be irreplaceacle, one must always be different.”

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

“My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.”

“Fashion changes, but style endures.”

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

“Where should one use perfume?” a young woman asked. “Wherever one wants to be kissed.”

“Elegance is refusal.”

“Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.”

“A woman can be over dressed but never over elegant.”

“Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.”

“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.”

“There are people who have money and people who are rich.”


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Well I wish I could give you more information about, there are so many things to say about this wonderful woman but that’s it for this post I hope you like it.

Au revoir!

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